What is Slabber?

Slabber in Action

Welcome to Slabber: The Slab Content Management System. Read a bit about us to discover how we can help you with your business, today!

Slabber is designed to help bring your stone supplying/fabricating business into the world of the web. By providing you with tools to quickly & easily manage your catalogue, as well as giving you an easy to use catalogue viewer page to give to your clients; this also includes a built in contact system allowing your contacts to contact you about your stock without revealing your information to spambots. The tools we give you give you a lot of control, and there's a lot to talk about.

Slabber.ca a new way to Buy and Sell slabs and remnants

This system was built for fabricators and suppliers but is open for builders, designers, architects and homeowners to use as well.

As a buyer:

  • Search our online inventory database of slabs and remnants available near your location. This feature of our system enables you, the buyer, to immediately search through available inventory that suppliers/fabricators have posted. The system displays colour, size, quantity, distance closest to you (a postal/zip code is needed), and most often a picture of what they have to sell.
  • Ask the seller questions. You as a buyer can fill out the form on the selected material’s detail page and ask for more information about the material you are viewing.
  • By buying remnants, you are recycling and keeping a large degree of unnecessary waste out of the landfills and helping our environment.

As a seller:

  • Get your inventory under control. Have you wanted to get your inventory under control but haven’t been sure how or where to start? You can list the details of all of your pieces along with photos. You can also list your remnants, full size stock and overstock slabs for ‘public view’ for all buyers to see or strictly ‘private’ for your confidential purposes, giving you complete control of your inventory. Furthermore, your inventory list is available to download in Excel.
  • Turn your remnants into CASH! Don’t keep looking at those dust-collecting remnants you’ve had for years. It costs you time and money to dump them all. You have the cost of the bin, your time to physically put the material in the bin, the cost to take it to the dump. Why not turn them into CASH?
  • Always being interrupted by phone calls? Check your email. Are you always getting calls being asked if you have stock of this material, that remnant? Slabber.ca respects your time. By using our system your slabs and remnants are online with a picture that you post. People can send you an email (your email address is never shown) on a material they have seen if they need more information.
  • Social Media. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and more. Every time you add a material to Slabber we post the information to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Google+, and Houzz. Visitors can also post your material to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest increasing your coverage.
  • By selling your remnants, you are recycling and keeping a large degree of unnecessary waste out of the landfills making the environment a winner.
  • The seller receives money that is pure profit, so they win.
  • Slabber.ca eliminates the need to purchase a full slab, saving you or your client money and reducing traditional waste, that makes you a winner


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We have been using Slabber.ca for some time now and our customers love the time saving convenience. Slabber.ca has made selling our remnants an easy and seamless part of our business. The Slab Content Management System has made managing our inventory a quick and efficient way to track our remnants. Now our customers go straight to Slabber.ca and our work day becomes more productive because of it.
Bruce Percy, Sales Rep,
ACF Surfaces Inc.